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Plant Genomics

Plant Genomics & Analytical Services :

The key resource for studying plant populations is a set of molecular markers. Plant genomics enables researchers to examine thousands of genes concurrently, comprehend the genetic structure of plant genomes, and identify the genes that cause mutations. Technologies for sequencing plant genomes have made it possible to examine a fast-expanding variety of plant disease species at the genome level.

Genotyping by PCR & Q-PCR

-  PCR based Analysis - RAPD, SSR, ISSR, SCAR marker Analysis
-  QTL Analysis
-  Microsatelite Analysis - DNA Barcoding
-  Transcriptome based Analysis by Q-PCR
-  Gene Expression Analysis by Q-PCR

Sequencing Analysis:

-  Whole genome sequencing
-  Transcriptome sequencing
-  SNP array & NGS-based genotyping
-  Environmental DNA & microbiome screening
-  Gene Expression Profiling

Plant Analytical Services:

-  Hormone Analysis by HPLC
-  Plant Pathogen ELISA Analysis
-  Plant Metabolite Screening by HPLC & Maas Spectrometry
-  Phytochrom Screening

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