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Oxidadtive Sress Assay

Oxidative Stress Assay :

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are chemically reactive molecules containing oxygen that play several beneficial roles for the organism. An imbalance between the production of ROS and the ability of the antioxidant systems to readily detoxify these reactive intermediates results in oxidative stress.

Antioxidant Assay:

- Direct Measurement of Reactive Oxygen
- Protein Damage Assay
- DNA Damage Assay
- Lipid Damage Assay

Enzyme Activity Assay:

- Superoxide dismutase (SOD)
- Catalase
- Glutathione reductase (GR)
- Glutathione peroxidase (GPx)
/ GSSG ratio

Total Groups Antioxidant Activity Assay:

- Assay for total flavonoids
- Assay for polyphenols
- Carotenoids
- Anthocyanin

Individual Compound Activity Assay :
We offer anti oxidant activity of the compounds like; Resveratrol, Ascorbic Acid, Catechin, Carotenoids, isoquercitrin, aspalathin, Vitamin E etc.


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