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GMO Analysis

GMO analysis Services :

An organism whose genetic makeup has been changed through genetic engineering methods is referred to as a genetically modified organism (GMO). Many nations have passed legislation limiting the number of GMOs that can be found in food products. GMOs can be found using a variety of techniques. But the only method for sensitive, simple, and quick GMO detection is DNA detection using PCR and a wide range of immunoassays.

- GMO protein in leaf tissue, single seed, or bulk grain samples
- Res
earch Sample
- Agriculture Crop
- Cotton
- Soya
- Animal Feed

Services We Offer :

Analysis by PCR Method :
A quick and affordable way to detect different GMOs is through GMO screening by PCR. We will employ the 35S (promoter) and NOS (terminators) primers to accomplish this goal, and both qualitative and semi-quantitative analyses are options.

Analysis by Immunoassay :
According to the data encoded by the transgenic DNA, immunoassays identify proteins produced in cells, and the antibody-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent test (ELISA) is a common immunoassay..

OUR ADVANTAGE : The commonly used technologies for gmo analysis in foods / agriculture crop are qualitative, quantitative PCR analysis and immunoassay methods.

- Qualitative GMO Analysis
- Semi-Qualitative Analysis
- Single-Threshold GMO Analysis
- Real Time PCR Analysis
- Immunoassay
- Sequencing Method

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