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Trace Analysis

Trace analysis Services :

Our trace analysis lab has the most up-to-date analytical machinery that is perfect for trace analysis, enabling us to reach detection limits and degrees of precision and providing services that are dependable and adaptable, quick to respond to requests, and in line with current industry standards.
We are capable of doing trace analyses on samples of food, medication, cosmetics, and biological material. Testing compounds in various chemical and biological matrices is a specialty of ours.

- Biological Sample
- Res
earch Sample
- Food / Pet Food Sample
- Nutraceutical Product
- Herbal Product
- Pharmaceutical Product

Services We Offer :

- Non Volatile Organic Trace Analysis
- Volatile or semi volatile Organic trace analysis
- Elemental / In-organic Trace Analysis
- Impurity Analysis

OUR ADVANTAGE : The commonly used technologies for trace analysis in different matrix are chromatographic, mass spectrometery, spectrophotometric, fluorometric, and other methods.

- Chromatographic Method : HPLC & Gas Chromatography
- Mass Spectrometery Method
- Spectrophotometric Method
- Fluorometric Assay
- Other Methods

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