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Genomics Services

Sequencing  Services

We provide services for Primer Sequencing, Optimized PCR amplification, purification and fragment analysis. The value for our service is....

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PCR, Q-PCR Analysis

Our professional team of molecular biologists, geneticists and specialists in bioinformatics has significant experience in all varieties of Q-PCR....

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Cloning & Expression Services

Cloning can sometimes be tedious and time-consuming depending on your project needs. Our molecular biology experts can handle.....

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Genotyping & Gene Expression

Our services include SSR , RAPD, SNP, and RFLP,Barcoding based methods to fingerprint (genotype) individuals & Q-PCR analysis..

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Methylation Services

Methylation analysis is the study of chromosomal patterns of DNA or histone modification by methyl groups, which is a chemical post.....

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Metagenomics Services

Metagenomics is the study of genomic content in a complex mixture of microorganisms.The primary goals of Metagenomics...

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Nutrigenomics Services

Nutrigenomics is the study of how genes and nutrients interact. Gene variants predict how an individual body will respond to certain nutrients

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Plant Genomics

Plant genome sequencing technologies enabled genome-scale analyses of a rapidly growing number of plant pathogen species..

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